We design the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire alarm systems for new buildings + renovation projects.

Our design team will help you put together a cost-effective plan that is responsive to your needs and sensitive to your budget. Our industry-quality prints give you a complete set of plans that empowers you to receive the best price on bids and expedite the permitting process.

Our drawings show items necessary for a complete installation for each trade. The final set of drawings, once completed and sealed, is then added to the architectural set, along with any applicable structural, interior design, and site drawings. Depending on the size and complexity of the building, our plan sets can range anywhere from 5 to 60 pages or more - striving for the most effective solutions for your project.

Our dedicated team of professionals use years of industry experience to develop unique solutions for both new construction and existing buildings.We have offices in Henderson, Raleigh, Wake Forest and South Hill and are currently licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, Florida, Connecticut, Tennessee, West Virginia, Illinois, Georgia, and Maryland. Our staff is ready to start on any project requiring our services, and we strive to return our design in a timely fashion.

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Kilian Engineering has grown from a solopreneur to a team with offices across the Mid-Atlantic, licensed across the United States. Watch our South Hill Chamber of Commerce video to learn more about the story behind Kilian Engineering.